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In today's economy of Taxation for all and appropriate exemptions to the lower and middle income group, Flexibility in Income tax calculation and quick generation is the key for a complete automation of Payroll and employee re-imbursement. Projection of tax for employees is just a click away.

This is one of the most complex functional areas and is mapped very easily using PaySoft. Being tightly integrated with Payroll, it becomes a derivative of the payslip and allows capturing and maintaining employee investments and exemptions under the various provisions automatically.


  • Employee wise tax projections based on promised investment and actual investment.
  • Form -16, Projection of tax liability for employees on the click of the button.
  • Income tax Form - 24 for the company as per statutory format.
  • IT rules can be modified / changed dynamically.
  • Immediate reflections of changes in investment/structure on the tax liability.
  • Automatic reflection of monthly PF deductions and earnings in the Form - 16.
  • Electronic filing of TDS for employees (eTDS).
Income Tax Reports
  • Form-16.
  • Annexures to FORM - 16.
  • eTDS for Form 24
  • Form 12BA.
  • Projection Sheet / IT-Worksheet.
  • Annual Sheet.
  • Monthly / Annual IT Deduction Report.
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