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Provident fund is a statutory requirement today and is commonly required in all companies. This module in PaySoft supports both exempted and un-exempted establishments. With the parameterization feature extended in this module, the user can easily configure the varying rates for PF as outlined by the PF department.


  • PF Government (Un - Exempted Established)
    • Companies depositing the PF amount to the government can generate all the statutory reports of Provident Fund.

    • Can generate location/site wise PF summary with employee and employer contribution.

    • PF structure can be changed dynamically if in between the financial year if the PF rules are amended.

  • PF (Exempted Established)
    • Companies having their own trust can manage the companies and employees PF account effectively.

    • Allows transfers of funds in between the financial year and set the eligibility date of transfer of funds which helps in back dated monthly interest calculation if required.

    • Generates all trust related reports. PF structure can be changed dynamically.

    • Option for PF deduction for contract employees.

    • Also maintains loans taken by the employee against PF Trust A/c.

    Provident Fund Reports
    • PF member List
    • Monthly / Annual PF Contribution Report.
  • For Un-Exempted Establishments
    • PF Employee Checklist.
    • PF Statement.
    • Form-3A.
    • Form 6A.
    • Form 12A.
    • PF Challan.
    • Reconciliation and dues as per Challan and 12A.
    • Site Wise Month wise PF Summary Report.
    • Form-5.
    • Form-10.
  • PF (Exempted Established)
    • Form - 6
    • Form - 4
    • Form -7
    • Form - 8
    • PF Accumulation statement for the (Trust Employee Wise / Consolidated).
    • Monthly Contribution statement for Trust (Trust Employee Wise / Consolidated).

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