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Why Outsourcing?
The benefits of process outsourcing are enormous, including Just In Time information at the right time every time. Being our core business, you could leverage upon the same and devote your internal resources and capital funds to profit-driven activities - accelerating re-engineering processes and responding with greater flexibility to today's rapidly changing markets.

PaySoft caters to MNC's , Large organizations and SME's alike with a delivery model suiting individual requirements.

The Pro's and The Con's

    The CON side of internal process
  • Cost of retaining and maintaining of skilled manpower thus affecting cost of transaction
  • Non core activities affecting core business
  • Loss of time for operations, which could be otherwise utilized, for other core process.
  • Coordination between various divisions and their cascade effect on time and money.
  • Accuracy and timeliness of reports
  • Relatively Higher turn-around time for implementation of new processes

    The PRO side of Outsourcing
  • Helps in reducing the cost of operation.
  • High availability a technology partner for the process and also improvements of technology and developing future solutions like development of a customized web based employee portal to update employee information including payslips, investment details, projection etc. This can be implemented over a period of time thus adding value to the employees for a low cost additional investment.

  • Implement new policies quickly. Turnaround time for implementation of new rules are now faster and easier

  • Availability of internal resources for better deployment on core business activities thus increasing bottom-line.

  • One point contact for the management for all aspects of the process and future roadmap.

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